Are you weighed down by chronic back pain, recurring muscle discomfort, or nagging ailments?

My literary works came into being as such between the years 2005 to 2020. They present ideas based on observation and personal experience, but also from moments of extraordinary inspiration and guidance that cannot be explained mundanely but only by receiving infusions from incomprehensible dimensions. The content of these dimensions are sometimes referred to as The Akashic Records. Even so, I have borrowed much from the ancient body of knowledge called in this day and age Astrology - not ‘fair-ground’ astrology that most people are familiar with but from the true science of it, which is built-up over many thousands of years. The book on Pelvic Correction though, is based on my discoveries as physician of natural medicine, on how easy it is to relieve back-pain and other musculoskeletal aches and pains.

The general tone of the sum total of all the My Works is somewhat sober and some might say: Grave. It is best the reader approaches each book with a serious mind because I have purported many answers to incomprehensible life questions that beset modern societies - indeed some of these writings require study, and need to be read many times. In common parlance, some of contents are ‘hard-going’. Even so, move to the following chapter that should make for easier reading.

For the reader, it is better to be forewarned about the many notions expressed within my writings because many of their content meanings are totally contrary to the present-day ideas and actions that have been pushed onto and into society by the modern media and government to the point of brainwashing it - and it, society (almost Godless) seems to be unaware of what is happening to it. In other words life’s true values are becoming perverted such as to cause it [society, but not all of it of course] to accept as ‘Cool’: profanity, disrespect, hatred, guile, indolence, cheating, lying, greed and perversion within life as normal and even as badges of honour.

Pelvic Corrector Device

Pelvic alignment is fundamental to achieving optimal health. Without the proper alignment of our spine and pelvis, our efforts to enhance our immune system and overall health may fall short of reaching the peak wellness that is inherently ours. Misalignment can lead to a range of issues, from back pain and musculoskeletal discomforts to more subtle physiological imbalances, many of which stem from a misaligned pelvis and skeletal structure, including the common problem of leg-length discrepancy. My book, "Correct Your Pelvis & Heal Your Back-pain," extensively addresses these issues, offering insight and remedies to counteract these pervasive disorders.

The pelvis is crucial as the base of our skeletal structure, significantly affecting the health of our entire spine. Proper alignment ensures that our spine is horizontal in relation to the visible horizon, fostering a connection with the Earth that promotes balance and well-being. This alignment not only reduces the risk of various ailments but also enhances our flexibility and movement.

The second edition of this book is now available in both digital (eBook) and physical (softcover) formats, making its valuable insights more accessible. The ISBN for the softcover version is 9781649610706, and for the eBook, it is 9781649610713.

It is vital to approach the content of this book with the seriousness it deserves. The guidance provided offers a pathway out of pain syndromes, highlighting the importance of potentially using the Pelvic Corrector Device as a tool to aid in achieving a pain-free state.

Wholesome is Our Precious Gender Divide

"Wholesome Is Our Precious Gender Divide: To Harmonising Gender Discordance" offers a profound exploration of the fundamental law that underpins the unity and diversity of life. This law, the balance of masculine and feminine principles, is presented as the essential thread that weaves together all aspects of existence, both manifested and unmanifested. The book sheds light on the intricate interplay between these opposing forces, emphasising their role in the creation and maintenance of life's rich tapestry.

By delving into the nature of gender and its significance within the broader context of creation, the book seeks to address and clarify the often perplexing nature of life's dualities. It invites readers to reconsider the essence of masculine and feminine energies, illustrating how they coexist and interact in myriad ways across the spectrum of life.

This work is particularly relevant for individuals who grapple with the seeming contradictions of life, offering insights into the harmonious integration of opposites and their collective purpose in laying the foundations of existence.

Providing a sneak peek into its contents, the book humorously touches upon the contrast between male and female perspectives, using anecdotes and historical references to highlight the enduring influence of gender dynamics. It does not aim to critique or diminish the value of the English language or its speakers but rather to present observations and theories for thoughtful consideration and discussion.

With an emphasis on the importance of recognising and appreciating the complementary division between masculine and feminine forces, "Wholesome Is Our Precious Gender Divide" aims to contribute to a deeper understanding and reconciliation of gender discordance. Available through Amazon Books, this work is accessible in both softcover (ISBN: 9781951343583) and eBook (ISBN: 9781951343590) formats, inviting readers to engage with its compelling narrative and insightful reflections on gender's pivotal role in the fabric of life.

Essay I Say

"Essay I-Say" by Dr. Alexander Barrie is a collection of thought-provoking essays that delve into alternative political and philosophical ideas, reflecting on the complexities of human existence on Earth. This book navigates the dichotomy of life's pain and joy, exploring the depths of human emotion, ethics, and spirituality in an era that often seems to lack a connection to the divine.

Despite humanity's significant advancements in technology and knowledge, and our capacity for self-sacrifice and nobility, Dr. Barrie suggests that we remain fundamentally unchanged in aspects of emotional intelligence and ethical conduct. The book laments the decline of humility and self-reflection in modern society, urging a return to these values as essential for personal and collective growth.

Dr. Alexander Barrie, known for his expertise as a back-pain consultant and a practitioner of natural therapies, brings a unique perspective to these essays. His diverse background, including his work in pelvic correction, craniosacral therapy, shiatsu, yoga, astrology, and music, informs his holistic approach to the topics discussed. As the founder of The Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction™, and an author of several other works, including "Wholesome Is Our Precious Gender Divide" and "Correct Your Pelvis & Heal Your Back-pain," Dr. Barrie integrates his comprehensive understanding of the human body with his philosophical inquiries.

"Essay I-Say" is available for readers seeking insights into alternative viewpoints on the political and philosophical dilemmas of our time. It is accessible through Amazon in both softcover (ISBN: 9781951727680) and eBook (ISBN: 9781951727697) formats. This book promises to engage readers in a deep reflection on the essence of human nature, our societal challenges, and the potential paths towards a more enlightened and ethically grounded existence.

Dr. Alexander Barrie - Back-Pain Consultant.

Physician of Natural Medicine:​Founder of: The Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction™︎

Registered Craniosacral Therapist.

Registered Shiatsu Practitioner.​British Wheel of Yoga Teacher.

(Astrologer. Musician)​Author of:

1.Wholesome Is Our Precious Gender Divide.

2. Essay I-Say.

3. Correct Your Pelvis & Heal Your Back-pain.

Married; Father; Resides Nth. West London. U.K.

Following more than 36 years of therapeutic medical experience, I am at that very stage when basic medical protocols may be changed according to the needs of the moment - there is a particular instant in time when I receive inspiration over and above the need for set procedures - procedures given to deal with a particular Condition, such as to envision in a moment of knowing, in an instant of quiet ‘seeing’, exactly how that patient should be treated for his or her ailment.

Maturity for a physician happens when, as a patient enters the surgery, their ‘Chi’, their state of being, their personal atmosphere that surrounds their bodies’ - their energetic tenor that originates from within them, tells the physician exactly how he/she should be treated - more therapeutic success is achieved when receptive in this way. Truly, it is a gift that comes from ‘above’ and/or from ‘within’ and is never mistaken!

Truly, it is a gift that comes from ‘above’ and is never mistaken!

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