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The Alexalign clinic is the establishment where many of these valuable medical disciplines you will read here were discovered and innovated. It is the power-house from which remarkable things originate, both in teaching and in administering therapeutic medicine - medicine of great variation, so that many Medical Conditions may be treated successfully as to their demise.

The treatments at Alexalign Clinic in North West London England, connect with many different ailments such as with headaches, digestive and respiratory disorders, and much more. Its speciality is the successful ministrations for back-pain and all musculo-skeletal aches and pains, including:

Lumbago; sciatica; foot; ankle; knee; hip; lower, middle and upper back-pain; shoulder (frozen); neck; elbow, wrist and all else.

Pelvic Disorders/Dislocations, so commonplace are successfully dealt with at Alexalign Clinic. Also, how to correct these misalignments is taught through Certified Courses which are open to a small number of laymen as well as practitioners of all medical disciplines.



200 Vaughan Road, West Harrow, HA1 4EB. U.K.

Assistance Hours

Mon – Fri 11:00am – 6:00pm

Weekends – CLOSED

Phone Number:

Clinic: +44(0)208 423 5659

Mobile: +44(0)7850 908924

200 Vaughan Rd, Harrow HA1, UK

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Following more than 36 years of therapeutic medical experience, I am at that very stage when basic medical protocols may be changed according to the needs of the moment - there is a particular instant in time when I receive inspiration over and above the need for set procedures - procedures given to deal with a particular Condition, such as to envision in a moment of knowing, in an instant of quiet ‘seeing’, exactly how that patient should be treated for his or her ailment.

Maturity for a physician happens when, as a patient enters the surgery, their ‘Chi’, their state of being, their personal atmosphere that surrounds their bodies’ - their energetic tenor that originates from within them, tells the physician exactly how he/she should be treated - more therapeutic success is achieved when receptive in this way. Truly, it is a gift that comes from ‘above’ and/or from ‘within’ and is never mistaken!

Truly, it is a gift that comes from ‘above’ and is never mistaken!

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