Re-align Your Pelvis

& Heal Your Back Pain.

Do you suffer from back pain?

Do you struggle to move around as you used to?

Are you in constant pain. Is your joy of life being drained out of you?

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Did You know?

  • Back-pain and other musculo-skeletal aches and pains are caused 98% of the time by an unstable pelvis. It is the root cause of many aches and pains and problems you experience within your body.

  • When the pelvis is dislocated it loses its horizontality and thus the spine is forced to suffer distortion resulting in detrimental leg length discrepancy below the pelvis.

  • This displacement influences many areas of your body - knees, ankles, and foot. Also neck, shoulders, elbow and wrist. Hence your life is made more difficult then it already is.

Millions of People Right Now

Are Suffering From Back Pain.

Expert advice has not helped them. They keep turning around in circles, adding to their existing pain and engendering confusion. You may even be one of these people. But there is a solution ...

Introducing "The Pelvic Corrector Ring Device"

This simple Device, without moving parts, is designed to re-align your pelvis and thus, help you to eliminate your back and musculoskeletal aches and pains, but also to strengthen the pelvic floor - very much needed by men and women in this day and age.

What Makes The Pelvic Corrector Device So Amazing?

It is the only device of its kind capable of re-aligning your pelvis correctly in a short space of time, in a simple and straightforward manner.

Cost Effective

For the price of what it would cost for 1 session you can use this device over and over again - it is a one-off purchase for life. Carried-out for a few minutes, you may feel instant relief, if not, certainly within days or weeks until stabilisation of the pelvis has taken place but freedom from pain may be enjoyed immediately.

Simple To Use

The Pelvic Corrector Device works by applying a few simple regular techniques on a daily basis.

Precision Design

The Device is designed to execute Three Simple Techniques. These are all different and only take a few minutes to perform.

28 years background and research

Proven to re-adjust the pelvis back to its proper angular degree.

Hello, I am Dr. Alexander Barrie the inventor of the Pelvic Corrector Device...

I am a Craniosacral Therapist and Shiatsu practitioner but also a healer of natural methods. I have over 35 years of experience in resolving back pain but also with many pathological Conditions such as with defective respiration, digestion and absence of vitality.

Improving the health of people like you, who suffer from back pain and other pathological issues, is my life's mission.

If you want to be pain free, live joyfully and not suffer in silence anymore...

Then The Pelvic Corrector Device is for you.

Dr. Alexander Barrie

How The Pelvic Corrector Ring

Device Came About?

Following more than 35 years of medical experience Dr. Alexander Barrie, the founder of the Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction™ teaches how to achieve balance through correcting the alignment of the human body and balancing the foundation of our skeletal frames.

Alexander Barrie System of

Pelvic Correction™

This System that took many years to come into being, favourably lifts the sufferer out of back pain and other musculoskeletal aches and pains, but the participant partakes in the rehabilitation process. In this way, success is assured in 98 percent of all cases. Bodywork is administered to the spine, then gentle adjustments (Kansetsu Japanese Bony Adjustments) are made. These relevant techniques are set to give the patient the ability to have control over his/her body alignment. This is one of the specialities practiced at Alexalign Clinic Harrow, London U.K.

Through the years it became apparent to me that people suffer greatly with musculo-skeletal problems, which, as a practitioner of a number of medical skills, which I could manage reasonably well to ameliorate and bring relief to most people, but usually only temporarily.

I observed when diagnosing lumbago, osteoarthritis, spinal maladies, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, RSI complaints, plantar foot pain, and several other Conditions, that leg length discrepancy and pelvic distortion* were prevalent virtually without exception.

The discovery that nine out of every ten people have, in varying degrees these debilitating conditions led me to conclude that two of the most dominant pelvic lesions* were:

  • An iliac (wing) osseous prolapse on one side left or the other side right of the pelvis - ('drop'). Which means that the lumbar segments of the spine have become dysfunctional, and so the pelvis itself has dropped laterally to one side.

  • An iliac torsion ('twist') of both ilia (wings), that is: one wing has moved anteriorly and the other wing has moved in the opposite direction posteriorly. This means that the pelvis itself has become dysfunctional.

When Pelvic Correction was performed, leg length discrepancy was neutralised. Tension in the spine eased and elsewhere in the body. However, this diagnosis and subsequent correction was the easy part; perhaps only two out of ten people gained pelvic stability that obtained. True, the severity of the lesion lessened, especially when the segments of the spine were re-aligned, either osteopathically or energetically, but the pelvis would misalign again, and sciatic, lumbar and other aches and pains would return.

This recurrent pelvic misalignment may be indeed the nightmare for Osteopaths and Chiropractors as they struggle to stabilise a given pelvis, if they look at a pelvis as to the origin of most of the conditions outlined above. Some practitioners have worked-out their own Systems to assist stabilisation and correction of people's pelvises with some success, including self-help techniques, but there is no unification of knowledge on the subject as yet.

The pelvis is the Foundation of the Skeletal Frame and the base for the 'hara' (centre of gravity of the body and the core of one's interior strength). Naturally, if this basin/pelvis that holds the 'hara' is distorted, so commonplace, then an adverse effect is to be expected in whole of human physiology.

When pelvic subluxation occurs, an immense strain is placed on the lumbar vertebrae/segments: because, the whole spine is sitting on a pelvis (its sacral component) that is tilted to one side, it [the spine] must therefore, bend and twist to accommodate this physiological detriment. A pelvis should be neatly horizontal to enable the spine that sits on it to remain erect and vertical and therefore sound.

Over several years experimenting with particular techniques, some invented, some discovered, and applying some existing methods such as with Muscle Energy Techniques but modified, I have succeeded in bringing into being gentle techniques that anybody may deploy to return their own pelvises to their proper angular positions. Thus pelvic stability is possible and therefore freedom from pain may be enjoyed.

Importantly, the patient may be taught the relevant techniques suitable for them. These techniques take a few minutes each day to execute and the patient is empowered now and in some control. He does not experience the impotence in not knowing what to do, once this System has been adopted. I should add that when the patient receives a clear and succinct explanation from the practitioner as to the pelvic problem involved, the patient is enthusiastic to practise the techniques to gain freedom from pain. This System does not take the place of Osteopathic or Chiropractic techniques; if anything the techniques employed by these practitioners, work more successfully when the patient looks after his/her own pelvis.

I should add that when the patient receives a clear and succinct explanation from the practitioner as to the pelvic problem involved, the patient is enthusiastic to practice the techniques to gain freedom from pain. The pelvis is the Foundation of the Skeletal Frame and the base for the 'hara' (centre of gravity of the body and the core of one's interior strength). Naturally, if the basin/pelvis that holds the 'hara' is distorted, so commonplace, then an adverse effect is to be expected in the human physiology.

What our customers are saying about The Alexander Barrie System Of Pelvic Correction:

The doctor said I would never walk again

"At the age of 50 I broke my right heel-bone and crushed the ankle. The doctor said I would never walk again without crutches and wanted to fix and peg my foot at an angle. I refused this operation and for the next 25 years I sought help wherever I could find it, with varying success -I learned to walk again, but with a limp and considerable pain. One leg became longer than the other - and my spine developed a curvature - my whole body felt crooked and I feared I might need a hip operation. Then last year I was attracted by something I saw about Pelvic Correction, and I went to a lecture on how important the pelvis is where alignment of the skeletal frame is concerned. I went to see Alexander Barrie privately who worked on me to help not only to stabilise the pelvis but to strengthen the abdomen and its organs and the legs gradually gained re-alignment. The healing took place continually with the damaged and deformed right foot. My walking is now painless and I have an increasingly normal gait." - Women Aged 50

For sixteen years I have suffered with pain...

"I had to write and thank you for your wonderful system, and tell you of the difference it has made to my life. For sixteen years I have suffered with pain in my left hip, and down my left leg. For the last five years it has been so uncomfortable that my whole life has been affected. Various G.Ps have diagnosed Sciatica, and Osteopaths and Chiropractors have given me little relief. Interestingly, some of the Complementary Practitioners have told me that my pelvis was twisted but none offered any advice about what to do about it. I have also spent lots of time and money on self-help practices, to little avail. Finally, in January '04 my wife decided to risk some of our precious resources on your book. They arrived within the week, and the techniques gave great improvement within days. Now, three months later, I am almost pain free. On the two occasions that I have had a relapse, the techniques got me back on track in a couple of days. The biggest problem I now face is getting used to this pain free life, only since the pain has gone have I realised how depressed I had been, and how much of my life had been ruled by my problem. So, thank you Alexander for the priceless gift of your system, I wish you good health and good luck."

Male, Wales UK

The doctor said I would never walk again

"As I was driving home after seeing you today, I was trying to remember when I first saw you. It must have been at least five or six years ago. I was suffering from a very painful 'frozen shoulder', recurrent lower back problems and a number of lesser ills which I put down to increasing age; problems with my knees, and with my digestion; mysterious chest pains, usually at night, although the doctors said my heart was fine. Doctors had failed to help me with these problems, as had a course in the Alexander technique, and homeopathic treatment. An Osteopath had helped with my back, to a limited extent, but not at all with my shoulder. Within a month or two of starting treatment with you, my shoulder was on the mend. It has never given me any trouble since, even when I play tennis! My back problems have diminished to a minor grumble, kept well under control with the exercises you have recommended. All the other problems have disappeared, almost without a trace. My general health is excellent, and my quality of life has improved enormously. I have no doubt that your treatment is the principle reason for my well-being, and I felt it was about time I thanked you properly."

Female Middle Age

I noticed a huge difference whilst walking

“I was very skeptical when I purchased the pelvic tool corrector from the clinic as to whether it will work or not to align my pelvis. I was asked to do some exercises using the tool and I must say at the beginning I found it very painful as my muscles were very tight however as days passed by it really made a difference around the hips, lower back tense muscles and the pain got better. I noticed a huge difference whilst walking as I didn't even knew that actually had one leg that was a couple of inches shorter than the other leg. After using it regularly for a few weeks my pelvis was aligned and my both legs were also aligned.


This tool also worked wonders on my head.

"This tool also worked wonders on my head. I suffer from migraines and the same tool also helps with my headaches. I use it on my head where it’s usually very sore especially at the back of the head where occipital nerves are located - but after sometime I feel a relief from the throbbing/ shooting pain. The pelvic tool seems to really be effective in the way it has been designed and I have no hesitation in recommending it. Using this tool has become as much a part of my daily routine as brushing my teeth. Depending on how bad the pain is I use it for 15 min twice a day and sometimes even 3 times a day. Thanks to Dr Wei for suggesting it to me for which I will always be grateful to her”

Shamma A from London

This tool also worked wonders on my head.

Starting in July 21 through to mid October 21 I had 6 sessions, the first being a general "lets see what is going on here", with a recommendation that I use your "Pelvic Correction Device" alongside your future treatments. So essentially from the second session I have been using your PCD (Pelvic Correction Device) initially 2 times a day, then as your diagnosis warranted I progressed to 3 times a day.

It had become self evident as I returned for the next session that the work I had been doing at home with the PCD was having a lasting effect. This was apparent as when you checked the alignment of my spine/pelvis the constant use of the PCD had strengthened the relevant muscles and re-positioned and held the vertebra into their correct positions and has held them there as they should be.

The "homework" using the PCD is constant and daily, but the payoff is no discomfort in my body that had originally been caused by the mis-alignment of my Pelvic Girdle and my Spine.

I would recommend to anyone who is serious about correcting any "back issues", or issues related to the mis-alignement of the Pelvic Girdle/Spine they my be suffering from to seriously consider the use of this PCD as it can/may give the "sufferer" a hands on, DIY at home approach to a means of remedy.


What our customers are saying about The Alexander Barrie System Of Pelvic Correction:

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New and improved design that favourably effects the pelvic floor of both men and women.

Relieve pain and bring greater balance

“The pelvic correction work has been an invaluable technique to my bodywork therapy since studying with Alexander and Wei. Simple but powerfully effective techniques have helped many of my clients; I love to be able to give them these techniques that they can go away and do in between seeing me help them learn how to relieve pain and bring greater balance and harmony to their bodies"

Hannah Alexander. Suffolk UK

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Frequently Asked Question

How many times a day should I use it?

Minimum twice a day, ideally 3 times, but there is no limit. The more the merrier.

Will I have to use it for many years?

Yes, because the structures around the original dislocation require several years to accept their new, but original setting of the pelvis.

Should I travel with it?

Yes, very much so. Take it with you wherever you go.

Should I take it on holiday with me?

Yes, it will stop you becoming too lazy away from your normal routine. It is like your tooth brush. You would not stop brushing your teeth even when you are on holiday.

If I am ill and too tired to use it, what should I do? 

Please Rest - you are not a robot - and as soon as you recover and have strength, begin using the device as before.

Will it ever break apart? 

That is very doubtful, highly unlikely. It is very strongly constructed. The 3D printed model should never be left in a motor car suffering temperatures of 40 degrees.

If it is very painful for me to lie down on the device to do the Rump Compressor. What should I do? 

You may cover the device with a towel. This will soften any uncomfortable effects at the contact points, caused by the technique.

What is so special/important about the breathing when I practice the pelvic corrector device? 

Applying the breath, especially at speed will energise you, as well as correcting your pelvic alignment. Breathing correctly, will increase the benefit of the entire experience, but it is not essential to include the breathing techniques.

How should I feel after using the Pelvic Corrector Device? 

You will feel lighter and even taller immediately after you use it. You should always get up and walk about to feel the difference. People find that they are feeling more relaxed, with a sense of well-being and calmness. You might even breathe better. It can be addictive as you feel splendid every time you use it. It is a healthy addiction. Enjoy!

Do I need to rest after I use the Pelvic corrector? 

No. You will feel energised especially when applying the breath. You can get on with your day right away.

Do I have to be in pain to use the pelvic Corrector? 

No. You should use it every day for your health maintenance. It will prevent you being in pain and may prevent all sorts of chronic illnesses. It is an investment for your life quality for the rest of your life.

What if I am on medication, can I use it? 

Yes. It will help balance your system on a daily basis to help your general health. It has no bearing on any prescribed medication.

Are there any times when Pelvic Corrector should be avoided?

If you have broken skin around Pelvic area. Then better avoid the Rump Compressor Technique. If with misfortune you fracture the pelvis through accident, please wait until it has healed and then you may practice the techniques as before.

I am pregnant, – can I still use the pelvic corrector?

Yes. The infant within will appreciate an aligned pelvis both vertically and horizontally.

Shall I use the pelvic Corrector before and after my gym/sport exercise?

Yes. You will experience better exercise sessions by being already aligned with the Pelvic Corrector Device. You may also use it immediately after your exercising to make sure that you remain in-alignment. Then you may get on with your day being more balanced.

Is it suitable for children?

Yes, from 12 years old up.

I am receiving other alternative medical treatment, such as Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Ayurveda Medicine, or Homeopathy, can I use the pelvic Corrector? 

Yes, by aligning your body you will be able to achieve even better results from any other treatments that you are receiving.


Keep the Device away from young children.

Cherish it - you are able to move your own pelvic and lumbar bones back into place, giving you the relief that you need.

Give time to it - it is a blessing given to you - it is ‘ME’ time.

Focus absolutely when using it, it allows you to reconnect with your own body - expel all other thoughts from your mind. In this way it will work even better for you.

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